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AM-PRES Corporation Introduced PrimoWind’s Wind Energy Systems to Northwest Florida

The gentle breezes of the Perdido Key area not only make our weather delightful but also can provide electrical power for your home or business. AM-PRES Corporation has introduced PrimoWind’s wind energy systems to Northwest Florida, providing an environmentally and bird-friendly energy production system in the area. This powerful alternative energy source is already in use and available throughout the United States.
Northwest Florida has already begun to embrace wind energy with the PrimoWind systems having been installed locally.
Bearing in mind that storms are possible in Northwest Florida, the system has been tested to continue producing energy at wind speeds up to 60 mph and the pole with the fan has been designed to be lowered to ground level easily without disrupting the remainder of the system. Once the storm passes the pole can simply be set back in place so the system will continue power generation.
The EnergiTree is one of three affordable alternative energy solutions giving you a noticeably faster payback on your energy bill than other alternative energy systems. Also available are the EnergiPlant and Force 1650 systems.
You will enjoy the reliability of your PrimoWind energy system for years in the future because of the durability and design. All systems are designed to thrive in all climates – from tropical to arctic and are completely sealed against dust and moisture with excellent corrosion resistance and heat dissipation.
For information and to purchase your wind energy system in North America contact Bill Short at AM-PRES Corporation 808.349.5560.

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